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Netnr.P 0.0.1

Open source project collection(Netnr Project)

GitHub Netnr


Personal site

Demo: https://www.netnr.com


Framework components

Functional module



Sample data

The first run of the project automatically writes sample data, account: netnr, password: 123456
The sample data is stored in the static resource wwwroot directory, access address: {Host}/scripts/example/data.json

How ​​to add article tags

Visit {Host}/admin/keyvalues to add tags, administrator access,
Tags depend on KeyValues ​​and KeyValueSynonym
If you enter javascript, grab the description of the word from Wikipedia (the probability of grabbing failure is high, you need to try again), (optional) add the synonym js, then add javascript to the tag

What the Markdown editor uses

Please see here: https://md.js.org