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Netnr.P 0.0.1

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Netnr.FileServer (NFS)

Simple file server based on .NET Core with SQLite database

Demo: https://fs.netnr.eu.org
Demo: https://netnr-fs.azurewebsites.net

appsettings.json is the configuration file, the settings take effect directly without restarting the service File database and upload directory grant read and write permissions





First create App to get AppId and AppKey, and then get Token according to AppId and AppKey request,
The validity period of the token can be set according to the configuration, the default is 30 minutes, and the cache is 20 minutes (that is, the result of requesting the token within 20 minutes is the same)


For better maintenance or data security, it is necessary to separate the file database and the uploaded static directory.
You can do it in the way of soft link, `non-Windows shortcut

# Windows soft link
mklink /d soft link_directory physical_directory # command format
mklink /d static D:\static # Example Create a static directory at the current point to the static directory of D drive

# Linux soft link
ln -s source file_soft link_file # command format
ln -s /mnt/static /site/fileserver/wwwroot/static # example static points to the /mnt/static directory