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Netnr.P 0.0.1

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netnrf responsive framework (NRF)

.NET Core responsive framework, based on Ace Admin framework menu navigation, Bootstrap layout, fontAwesome icon, embedded Iframe, data binding with EasyUI, dynamic configuration list, dynamic configuration form

Demo: https://rf.netnr.eu.org
Demo: https://rf2.netnr.com

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Project structure

Data Table

Functional module

Instructions for use

  1. Create a table (primary key must be set), write field comments (used to generate table configuration)
  2. Generate table configuration, you can use [Toolbox]-[Table Management]-[Generate Table Configuration]
  3. Modify the table configuration, table, form, query, and adjust it to the form that needs to be displayed (title, width, sorting, input type, column formatting, required, default value, etc., according to business development configuration items)
  4. Modify the table configuration, input type configuration, you need to configure the drop-down box, drop-down tree, etc., write the method in the Common controller, and the source of the url points to the address accessed by this method
  5. Modify the table configuration, column formatting configuration, for example, the status needs to be formatted as enabled, disabled, there are commonly used public formatting methods, and you can also configure custom formatting methods col_custom_field lowercase
  6. Add the Controllers, Views, and js generated based on [Table Management] to the project, add this page to the menu table, and configure the operation buttons
  7. Based on the form method encapsulated by z.js (API is consistent with EasyUI, just see the EasyUI document), configure the request address, form type, paging, check, etc. of the query form




Add, edit, view


List configuration

List Configuration

Form configuration

Form Configuration

Role permission configuration (tree)

Role Permission Configuration

Third-party documentation API